Web graphics and color psychology

The work of graphic design, 90% is creativity and can be associated with the figure of an artist who brushes his canvas studying the shades of colors and fonts best suited to each situation.

And it is precisely colours that play a fundamental role in the success of a project, as visual perception is created by our brain and, as such, is capable of provoking different emotional responses and psychological attitudes.


It is on these concepts that color therapy is based: ust as an individual is conditioned in the choice of the color of clothes to wear on the basis of a certain mood, so emotions influence the sale and it is possible to direct, through the use of visual elements, the willingness of a customer to buy a certain product rather than another.


The results of studies in this field can be very interesting at work level: we start from red and orange, known as intense and emotional colors, applied to the food sector encourage you to eat more and faster, that’s why they are chosen by leading companies in the catering world and are often used to attract attention during sales or promotions.

Yellow is more cheerful, recalls optimism and energy, it is bright and easily engages young people, very impactful and highly readable the contrast with a black text.

Blue is an extremely relaxing and positive colour, it expresses well-being and tranquillity, inspires confidence and is reassuring: it is perfect for representing health and financial activity sites.

Green is restful and relaxing, it is the most relaxing colour of the spectrum, it can be chosen for all activities that have to do with the concept of nature: organic products, vegetarian and vegan restaurants, companies with natural products.

Black is powerful and elegant, used for luxury marketing.