The world of non profit increasingly accessible?

Facebook in favour of awareness raising

Fundraising is a topic that has raised awareness among thousands of companies and public figures, who entrust their social pages with humanitarian causes of various entities.

In recent years the social network has undergone significant changes and we are witnessing a continuous Work in progress by the company based in Menlo Park in Silicon Valley, which aims to offer more and more products, more features in order to keep as much as possible the users within its circuit.

Already in March 2017 the Zuckerberg team worked on the platform to create a fundraising system that was safe and affordable for everyone.

Today, as can be seen from the official post, Facebook explains how this initiative has evolved by adding two new functions to the existing ones.

Now, in fact, even the Pages will have the opportunity to support the causes of the associations and launch their own with the possibility of adding organizers to the fundraising, as already happens for Events and Groups.

The novelty promises to be promising as demonstrated by the experiment made by Canadian musicians Tegan and Sara to help one hundred children to participate in the lgbt summer camp through the Tegan and Sara Foundation in collaboration with Ally Coalition.

In conclusion, we can therefore say that we are at the mercy of a real revolution in the use of social media, which today are constantly changing.

We just have to wait and wait to join some new fundraising campaign.


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