The evolution of Out of Home for Digital Advertising

Out of Home is the evolution of Outdoor Advertising, which in turn undergoes further development thanks to digital influences.

We can therefore talk about an end product called DOOH, Digital Out of Home: digital advertising content placed in various spaces in the city, dynamic and displayed on touch screens.

Difference between Out of Home and DOOH

Compared to the traditional Out of Home, with its billboards, signs and totems, DOOH offers smarter and more attractive ads, able to reach a younger target.

DOOH yes, but programmable!

Out of Home was not enough to evolve into DOOH, it wanted to become programmable. Through a single touch point it is in fact possible to manage multiple advertising campaigns, programming them according to date and time, changing creativity according to the city weather. Through the programming system you can measure the audience by intercepting users through geolocation, thanks to their smartphones.