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Web design and colour psychology

Web design and colour psychology

The work of a web designer is, for the 90%, creativity and you can link it to the work of an artist who paints his canvas using shades of colours and different fonts for every situation. 

Colours have an important role in a project, becuase our brain connect the visual perception with feelings, causing different reactions in base of what you feel. 

Chromotherapy is based on this concepts. The choices of an individual are influenced by the feelings that the person is felling in that moment


Studies show that different colours provoke different feelings: 

Red and orange are strong colours. If they are applied in the food sector, they will encourage you to eat more and faster. Lots of catering companies use these colours to draw attention in the promotional period.

Yellow is a joyous color, it reminds optimism and energy. It’s used to draw attention of young people. A black text is easy to read with a yellow background. 

Blue Blue is a relaxing and positive colour, it reminds wellness and calm and inspire trust, too. It’s perfect with healthy and financial websites.

Green is a calming colour. It’s the most relaxing colour of the spectrum. Green can be chosen for every company that works with the nature, for example biological products, vegetarian and vegan restaurants or natural products.

Black is a powerful and elegant colour, used for the luxury marketing.