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Sponsored #hashtag and new trends


What’s the hashtag? A word that is becoming ever more common, but if there was a journalist that didn’t know the meaning of the word, we would explain it. Hashtag is a word used to determine a category, a keyword used in the social networks that links the word with a topic and let the users interact each other thanks to common interests.

The hashtag #Sanremo2017 was used for the first time in Twitter, during the Italian song festival of Sanremo and it included the logo of the official sponsor of the event.
The purists of the social network disapproved it, becuase their comments were associated with a commercial brand name. The californian company enjoyed the new flow of comments and users in the social network and it could be used to arise one more time, after a decline period.

There are hashtag created in order to increase the number of follower, for example, on Friday on Twitter you can use #FF (#FollowFriday), on Instagram you can use #instafollow, #like4like, #tagforlikes and #followback.

You can also use popular hashtags to get acquainted with stranger users. Interacting on the social networks, using comments and liking other users’ images, is important to obtain more followers.
You have to take into consideration the pubblication time. On the basis of the Huffington Post, there are three times with the largest influence of users on Instaram: 14.00, 17.00 and 22.00. You can also use hashtags in the description of your profile and your pictures and videos, which are great attractions that increase the sharing.