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LinkedIn: the importance of being in it and the last news


LinkedIn is a professional social network that counts 467 million users registered (two new users per second). It’s a Microsoft property: the two companies closed the deal for 26 billion dollars (24 billion euros).

What will change?
According to the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, the intention is to combine the companies in order to improve the performances of both of them. The first step is the integration of the social network in Outlook and in the other products Office, in order to allow trades between users and to update the curriculum vitae with a link with Word. LinkedIn learning courses will start and a flow of contents about business will be created in LinkedIn and Msn.

LinkedIn Italia is a network ever more important, where being in it is essential: it counts 10 million users and Italty is the third country in Europe for users with tech knowledge.
Not being in LinkedIn means to miss potential opportunities. LinkedIn is, first of all, a space where you can build your professional identity, create contacts and keep yourself up-to-date.

The time spent on LinkedI has to be considered as an investment: it’s possible to read and share news about the professional sector that interests you, developing your knowledge; companies recruit new workers and users that are looking for a job can increase their visibility and the possibility of being found. Furthermore, users can control market demands.

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