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The future is in Chatbots: because companies can’t get enough of them


Science and technology are becoming ever more parts of our everyday life and interactions between humans and machines are a daily occurrence.
Lots of big companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google or Facebook use artificial intelligence and software called “chatbots” which simulate the human language with a messaging system.

Chatbots are related with bots, programs that were born in the 50s, thanks to the mathematician, Alan Turing. Some examples of chatbots are “Siri”, “Cortana” and “Clippy”, the Microsoft’s paper clip which interacted with the user and answered to the questions. Thanks to messaging apps, chatbots are becoming ever more significant for companies and for the future.

Chatbots are equipped with a technology adaptable in different sectors. Recently, some websites are born in order to create your custom bot, and then to implementate it in your website, Facebook Messenger account or others messaging apps.
Chatbots can be considered new apps: in the future, the web comunication will be based on interactions between humans and bots, but also between human digital assistants and bot of companies and so on. Nowadays, every commercial activity with a social network, or with a messaging app, can use chatbots to get information about users, feeling like a human conversation. 

One of the most common uses of chatbots is the “customer care”, users get fast answers with a 24/24h service. A good customer service is one of the elements of a good corporate marketing. Lately, the most of the customer service activities moved into social networks, and a chatbot is the first that make a customer service activity.