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Challenge achieved for Biennale d’Arte of Dolomites, with more than 3.000 people


The 2nd of October of 2016, Biennale d’Arte of Dolomites successful concluded. 32 artists from 16 different countries at 2183 meters of altitude showed their works in ex-barracks, built more than 100 years ago and survived two World Wars.
An achieved challenge that made 3000 visitors reach the Monte Rite in Cibiana di Cadore, in the heart of the nature to know the works of the artists from all over the world, including the famous explorer of conceptual art, Yoko Ono.
An initiative of international breath that saw in Goover Creative an essential partner. The company design the corporate identity of the exposition, starting from a study of the reference iconographic world. It developed various aspects of communication like the creation of the logo and promotional tools, design of the website layout and catalogues of the exposition.